Horse Floats

True Blue Trailers and Gates have been manufacturing horse floats for the past 20 years. During those years we have produced quality horse floats suitable for carrying ponies as well as clydesdale horses for clients throughout Eastern Australia.

Safety coupled with reliability and superior quality is our business work ethic which over the years have fostered positive customer relationships. We don’t have to tell you how good we are the finished product will speak for itself. Quality will always be remembered.

Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is a prime factor with our floats and it starts from the chassis which is rolled in one section using a rolled hollow steel section with centre and cross bracing to ensure the chassis has minimum flex.The finished product is designed to carry the load meeting Australian design rules in construction. On this base the walls and roof are supported to achieve a sound and safe platform for your horse to be carried in, just have a look at others and see what goes into their chassis construction and then have a look at ours.

All work is carried out in our factory by licensed trade people and we have a certified registered engineer available to oversee your product if required.

Straight Load Horse Floats

True Blue Trailers and Gates can manufacture straight load horse floats in a range of sizes and specifications to suit your requirements. Whether it’s a basic two horse straight load, or wide body for larger set horses, there are multiple options. We can also manufacture an extended version of the classic straight load if you require more space.

Download an information sheet (including price) here for the two horse straight load float.


Angle Load Horse Floats

In our angle load horse floats we have adjustable dividers as an extra which allows the dividers to be placed to suit the width of the horse in transport, which comes with stallion dividers and spring loaded catches for easy loading and unloading.

Download an information sheet (including price) here for the two or three horse angle load float.



Customer Satisfaction

Our floats and all repairs are covered by a written agreement which set out in detail what you require upon completion and specification of construction, so when you take delivery your float will be constructed or repaired to a high level of customer satisfaction.